How much time is needed to develop my website?

It actually depends upon what type of website do you want? If you choose a website under our super promo offer, it will take 15 days after getting all the requirements. For dynamic or any customized websites, time depends upon number of pages.


In our country there is a huge campaign for Digital India and being the Indian company we want to support Digital India Campaign. Our motto is to take every business online and for them while going online the cost of development should not be a hurdle. So, in order to support Digital India Campaign, we have started this Digital India Super Promo Offer and we have already developed many best quality websites under this offer. You can refer our portfolio/clients for details.

Can I get good quality services at such low cost?

Rephy Softech is already having a business consultancy unit and training centre for last 18 years. In our portfolio you will find a huge client base. All of them are satisfied with our service culture. Though we are providing website at very low cost, it is just to support digital India. As you can see we are already in business consultancy, so we understand service industry very well. That’s why at Rephy you will see great service culture.