Dream, Mission and Philosophy

Rephy Softech a software company is a division of Rephy Research Institute. Rephy has a dream to make everyone physically, mentally, economically and spiritually sound. To fulfill our dreams we have started 3 Missions.

  1. 1. Rephy’s Economical Development Mission
  2. 2. Rephy’s Personality Development Mission
  3. 3. Rephy’s SQ Development Mission
Out of these one of the mission Rephy Softech is chasing and that mission is Rephy's Economical Development Mission.
Aim of this mission is to make all businesses, institutes and individuals economically prosperous.

For achieving this we have done Research and in our research we found many interesting facts. If we observe around us, we will find that there are many businesses unable to do up to the mark or achieve 100% they expect. Why is it so? In our research we found that lack of proper utilization of resources is the main reason for their low-performance. These organizations, firms & individuals are unable to utilize their resources successfully up to 100%. Nowadays, all over the world, businesses are using IT & Business Solutions (software) for automation. These automations ultimately result into maximum utilization of their human and other resources. That's why their productivity and profit margin is also increasing. At the same time digital technology opens whole world for them. They are selling their products and services all over the world.

But if you are not using software and digital technologies for your business this will ultimately results into low-performance or failure. This low-performance results into low profit margin. If this is the case then why they are not using IT and Business Solutions(Softwares)?

In our research we tried to find why people are not using IT and business solutions. And we realised that reasons behind this are

  1. (1) lack of awareness and
  2. (2) cost of IT & business solutions.
    1. So for filling this gap we have started a mission to make every business digital and fully equipped with IT & Business Solutions (software). We are a software and business solution company, We are providing many IT and business solutions to people at very affordable prices. These affordable products are encouraging businesses to buy them & make them fully equipped with IT & Business Solutions. Due to this more and more Businesses are connecting to us and they are enjoying benefits of our services..